What dress size am I really??

29 04 2013

What dress size are you really? Looking for that special outfit whether for a wedding or school reunion, or just because you can. Why do we have to always try clothes on to check the size?

We can feel good in a Wallis outfit as we can often go down a dress size. Top shop we have squeeze in to a similar size. M&S is a room to breath size ( extra fabric). I read today about an app you can buy where you put in your measurements and it can tell you what size you are in what shop!!!!!!

If we standardized everything though we would not feel so good having to ask for a smaller size…..

If I can help you with this dilemma please call me. Details on http://www.colours4you.co.uk 

Lucky Clothes !

18 04 2013

There was a trial by Dr Biswas-Diener  in Germany where they asked people to bring lucky charms with them.  The people with the lucky charms as if by magic performed better. This is the confidence and optimism conferred by the object. The object can be a article of clothing hence the term ‘lucky pants’.

A lady who I helped a few weeks ago used to find wearing high heel shoes empowered her when facing a challenging situation. Due to ill health she was unable to wear the high heels so a new ‘lucky charm ‘ had to be found. She decided on a brooch she could wear on her suit,. It could have been red underwear or lack lacy underwear where only she would know! She could easily have chosen earrings or a ring. Have a think about what could empower you next time you need some extra confidence.    http://www.colours4you.co.uk

blogging uploaded photo???

18 04 2013

HI trying to upload photo may be in the wrong place!!??

Brenda Bowler

18 04 2013

Brenda Bowler

size is not important but fit is

21 08 2012

A garment size is not important its the fit that matters . Sizing has not been standardized for years. M & S size 12 appears to be not the same as Wallis or Primark size 12. So always look at a garment if it looks like it will fit than try it on! Especially in T.K.Maxx

Great necklace but it’s too short!

29 11 2010

How can you lengthen a necklace that is perfect for the dress? Add a piece of matching thin ribbon to each end and tie a bow making the necklace the best length for you.

last minute tips

31 08 2010

Oddly for the past few weeks for some unknown reason, bride of the day have always forgotten to put on their perfume till the last moment almost out of the door. Perfume is so important, it will bring back lots of great memories in the future every time you smell the same combination.

SPF in your moisturiser

11 08 2010

its a great idea to check your moisturiser has an SPF factor in it of at least 15. This way you are moisturising your skin and protecting it from the harmful suns ray’s. Many suntan lotions function is just to protect your skin.

Look Good…Dressed!

29 07 2010

Look out for channel 4 next week 7.00pm also log onto

http://www.channel4.com/4beauty/ for hints and tips on looking good.

Hello world!

5 07 2010

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